Monday, March 12, 2012

Dogs in need of help

I can do some internet research or make website or blog.
Dogs in need of help.  Lady, Spot, Rover, Minor, Skippy, Mama Dog(needs spayed), Dufas, Pain in the Butt, Longlegged Black, Slim Jim (allergies), Dolly Madison, Loud Mouth, Trouble, Pathetic (needs neutered), Duke (needs neutered), Daisy Mae (older), Major (old), Sam, Little Girl, Waggles (hereditary mites and needs spayed), Sadie (seizures), Rose Marie (seizures), Sally, Pumpkin (allergies), Muffin (blind), Black Tail, Onery, Suzy, Millie Marie (seizures and does not like men), Angel (old), WoodStock, Snoopy, Cupcake, Younglady, Buddy, Blue, Aussie (does not like men), Chocolate and Little Ezzie (has a tumor). 
Since written this Pain in the Butt and Loud Mouth died.  At first vet said was diabetes when Goofy got sick.  I have no vehicle or DL so my husband did take him to vet.   I guess to put on a show...  Well I talked to vet on phone but he talks down to me like my dogs are not good enough to spend money on.  Seems weird that a vet acts like your dogs are 3rd class or something.  ??  I was treating him even wormed him gave vitamins.   He just kept losing weight.   Got to skin and bones and his eyes gave him trouble.  As soon as Goofy died Renegade got sick...  Seemed weird diabetes not catchy...  Well doctored and doctored Renegade.  Also got to skin and bones.   But still eating.  I also feeding extra.  Right after he died Crooked Tail got sick.  He went blind quicker than the others.  I nursed and nursed him.  As soon as he died Bashful got sick.  Well I was becoming more and more suspicious of it being diabetes.   Then vet said was worms.  Well they all had been wormed.   Got more wormer and wormed.  She just kept getting thinner and thinner.  Goofy, Renegade, Crooked Tail and Bashful all lasted several months.   Well right after Bashful died Adventure got sick.  He only last 3 days.  He was youngest dog I had.  He went to running around to sick and skin and bones and dead.  To say the least I am stressed.  I am trying to keep dogs away from my husband .  I am very suspicious.  I thought if keep an eye on them and keep away from him.  Well Bitzy passed away after Adventure.  Then After Bitzy Loud Mouth got sick.  In 3 days she was a skeleton.  Then after she died Pain in the Butt died.  But she died in 1 day and not lose any weight.  Just lieing there dead.  But right before that.   Couple nights the dogs were barking so I got up to see what was going on.  My husband was outside.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he had got up to see what dogs barking at.  Never in our marriage had any noise had awaken him.  I mean I have gone outside and shot the gun off in air to scare off varmits and he never wakes up.  I have been giving the dogs charcoal.  I also right after fire started having dizzy spells.  Real bad sometimes.  Then just go away.   One day I can see good and next day my eyes are bad.   I noticed I never had to clip my fingernail any more.  I use to have to clip once a week they grew pretty fast.  My hair was long and to my waist past really I did not like it touching my behind so I trimmed it.  All a sudden my hair all breaking off and to my shoulders and shorter.  Part stress but I know my husband was poisoning me.  I never had a dizzy spell until after we got married.   Then off and on for years I have had spells.  His family was nice to me and everything before got married then right after married they went around telling people all kinds of lies about me and telling people I am a druggie.  I look back now on everything that has happened and I know they had it planned from the beginning.  Looking to cash in life insurance or something.  I mean if people think I am a druggie and I drop over dead no one probably ask any questions.  I am going to write on a blog about everything that has happened.  I want some record of it.  If something does happen to me I do not want them to get life insurance on me.  I want my hair and bones everything tested.  The gas leaks the fire.  All the snakes in yard when husband out of town.????  

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