Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Need a Vehicle

I can do some internet research or make website or blog.
I bought a brand new truck.  It was first vehicle I had ever bought new.  I worked very hard.   Sometimes 2 or 3 jobs.  I took it into Jiffy Lube and kept all the maintenance on it.  Also took to Firestone.  When manual said to change transmission fluid after first 1000 miles I did.  I got it paid for it was either right before or right after I got married.  Been years I think I had couple payments right after got married.  I took care of my truck.  It was my means of transportation and I wanted it to last.  I love being able to go places without having to worry.  After having a few used cars and not always sure if I should travel much.  It was so nice having something reliable.  Then I got married.  Someone who played me for a fool.  He was driving it back and forth to work.  Then he came home one night..  Drove truck home.  He said the transmission was out.  I just took his word for it. I did not even check it.  He promised and promised to fix it.  I really believed he would fix it.  I even kept insurance on it for fist several years.  My DL expired.  I thought just get it renewed when he fixed it.  I just wanted a marriage and a husband.  I did not want to take marriage lightly.  It was my first marriage.  I always wanted to be married only once.  

Would like to get small truck. Something pretty good gas mileage and reliable. Need to take dogs to vet and to pick up food at feed store. I buy dog food in large quantities  I have looked at some S-10's and they range from 5,000 to over 10,000.  All the used vehicles seem very high.  They want more a month than I paid for my truck new.

Dogs in need of help.  Lady, Spot, Rover, Minor, Skippy, Mama Dog(needs spayed), Dufas, Pain in the Butt, Longlegged Black, Slim Jim (allergies), Dolly Madison, Loud Mouth, Trouble, Pathetic(needs neutered), Duke (needs neutered), Daisy Mae (older), Major (old), Sam, Little Girl, Waggles (hereditary mites and needs spayed), Sadie (seizures), Rose Marie (seizures), Sally, Pumpkin (allergies), Muffin (blind), Black Tail, Onery, Suzy, Millie Marie (seizures and does not like men), Angel (old), WoodStock, Snoopy, Cupcake, Younglady, Buddy, Blue, Aussie (does not like men), Chocolate and Little Ezzie (has a tumor). 

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