Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Donation for Property

I can do some internet research or make website or blog.

Update.  This property sold a long time ago.  I need to update WePay.  I have looked at a few since then.  Most are around 5 hours away.  I hate to be too far away from my mom.   She is 89.  Even though she lives a mile away I rarely see her.  I call her ever day though.  Since I have gotten married I hardly get to do much.  I thought should not take marriage lightly.  But I have lost years of my life with someone who never cared for me.  He was a fake.  A good actor...  For sure!!!

Need some property for dogs. I need to get out of place where at now. Really need some property to let dogs live out their lives. There is 3 acres for sale with well and septic. Has no house. Would be great to fix up with fences and pens. I could live there and be with them always. The 3 acres is 20,000. Then would have to get electric put in. The electric company wants 200 deposit. 

Dogs in need of help. Need dog houses and pins. Lady, Spot, Rover, Minor, Skippy, Mama Dog(needs spayed), Dufas, Pain in the Butt, Longlegged Black, Slim Jim (allergies), Doi\lly Madison, Loud Mouth, Trouble, Pathetic(needs neutered), Duke (needs neutered), Daisy Mae (older), Major (old), Sam, Little Girl, Waggles (hereditary mites and needs spayed), Sadie (seizures), Rose Marie (seizures), Sally, Pumpkin (allergies), Muffin (blind), Black Tail, Onery, Suzy, Millie Marie (seizures and does not like men), Angel (old), WoodStock, Snoopy, Cupcake, Younglady, Buddy, Blue, Aussie (does not like men), Chocolate and Little Ezzie (has a tumor).

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